At Turing Space Industries we believe that businesses should contribute towards a better society. We believe that education is essential and an indelible human right providing the foundation and basis for our children to reach their fullest potential.

We want children to have access to programs that gives them a chance at both academic and life success. We want them to gain the skills businesses value most; the ability to reason and communicate effectively. We want the children to grow up to have fulfilling lives and make a positive impact on our society.

Access to basic education for children in many parts of the undeveloped world is very difficult; the main reason is abject poverty. Despite many local governmental policies that states that all children have the right to education; it is rarely enforced due to both budget constraints and low priority. At the same time poor families are usually unable to afford school tuition fees, school uniforms and other miscellaneous costs.

We envision that education can be used as a powerful tool to break the relentless and vicious cycle of poverty that afflicts these children and their parents. An overwhelming majority of these parents have received little to no education themselves. Thus it is extremely hard for them to find any work other than low paying unskilled jobs which in most cases are in working environments that are both dangerous and hazardous to their health. Providing a learning environment for the children will not only facilitate a brighter future for them, but will keep them safe from potential harm by removing them from having to work in dangerous worksites.

Without a proper education this cycle of poverty will surely be repeated for many generations. Children studying in school also means that they will enter the work force at a latter date. Consequently we hope that students armed with a good education will be able to find better job prospects and earn a decent wage.

Through our foundation we will donate to charities and organizations that share our commitment to help children develop to their maximum potential. Turing Space Industries encourages all its employees to make their own contributions to these charities and organisations.

We strive to improve the quality of teaching through professional development programs in which teachers receive the support and training they need to deliver high-quality instructions for all students.